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Mejórate Clinics


C/ Vía Augusta, 42, Montesinos 03187, Alicante
Phone: 966 72 16 87 - Cell phone: 650 40 98 77


C/ Caballero de Rodas Nº27, 3D. - Torre Vieja, Alicante
Phone: 966 70 61 00 - Cell phone: 650 40 98 77


Mejórate Clinic

It is a method of stretching globally active, smooth and progressive, seeking the cause of the injury and its resolution.

The continuous and individual work in each patient, respect for the joints and muscles and respiratory work, make this treatment a non-invasive therapy, which is perfect for alleviating pathologies, either postural or structural type, such as scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, foot valgus, varus knees.