Anal Fissures

Is there another solution?

A long time ago new alternative treatments for surgery appeared  for diseases such as Hemorrhoids or fissures, which are the most common anal diseases. Some of them have been fads but others have achieved to demonstrate its efficiency and improve over time. Nowadays we are able to offer an effective solution , no surgery, no income , no pain, no sick leave and affordable for  most patients.

Fissure pain can be controlled from the first treatment in our clinic with an infiltration method based on neuromodular agents. This is used in our clinic due to  its high efficiency , its permanent effect and because it is harmless to health , causing Lauromacrogol which causes a reduction of the innervation of the anus.

The result is amazing as it can get rid of the hell you  go through from this disease and its chronic pain from the first session in our clinic, always in an outpatient way and without interrumpting your routine.

The efficiency of this treatment is similar to surgery, but with no consequences and without the risk of causing incontinence. No matter the treatment, it is convinient to eliminate other irritating elements that can favor its appearance in the long run. From all the elements, the worst one is the anxiety caused by misfortunes in life, but in this case the doctor cannot do anything appart from giving you sedatives. What we bring is the complete treatment of the fissure also eliminating internal hemorrhoids to prevent that  its irritating effect clouds the sense of relief obtained with treatment and  when they grow up they end up causing the disease in the anus again.

Our treatments

In a free informative consultation, we value your case , we confirm the diagnosis , plan the treatment and we budgeted it  to ” fixed price ” to avoid late surprises.

Our complete security in our treatment allows us to offer our patients a guarantee of the outcome . We ensure the profitability of an investment that although insurance companies do not cover or Social Security , expanding treatment as necessary without price increases.