Is there another solution?

A long time ago new alternative treatments for surgery appeared  for diseases such as Hemorrhoids or fissures, which are the most common anal diseases. Some of them have been fads but others have achieved to demonstrate its efficiency and improve over time. Nowadays we are able to offer an effective solution , no surgery, no income , no pain, no sick leave and affordable for  most patients.


Today, To remove hemorrhoids it is not necessary  to go through surgery or put up with an unberable pain in the convalescence. The new treatment methods achieve excellents results. This  advance is due to a change in strategy.

The  effective approved methods to remove hemorrhoids are called

elastic strip , sclerosis and Electro – fulguration. Being correctly administred, you can get a complex control, even in the worst cases. The treatment must be prolonged for a sufficiently period for checkups, until we are sure that the result will be permanent.

Our treatments

In a free informative consultation, we value your case , we confirm the diagnosis , plan the treatment and we budgeted it  to ” fixed price ” to avoid late surprises.

Our complete security in our treatment allows us to offer our patients a guarantee of the outcome . We ensure the profitability of an investment that although insurance companies do not cover or Social Security , expanding treatment as necessary without price increases.