Varicose veins

Varicose are deteriorate veins that are not accomplishing their function, allowing blood to circulate against the flow which is not beneficial.

When varicose veins are removed or made useless, the circulation of inner tissues of legs are not affected, only a small percentage of superficial skin is affected. Veins in our skin are like a spider web in which there is always another exit in the next junction, where blood can always find a way out. This is the reason why the organism always compensates with no difficulty, developing new parallels paths. Nevertheless, if the loss of veins is important and permanent, the parallel veins could grow excessively and they could ease the future apparition of new varicose veins.

Our system is a combination of injectable products in which vitamins and nutrients are included, this treatment is called Blastoestimulacion – Blastoestimullation. It produces an irritation of the deteriorate vein that achieves its disappearance after the healing process from the inflammation that it is caused. The vein shrinks, its wall gets harden and it won’t expand again, but the reaction is not excessive, that is why normally it allows mid term the channeling of the vein, avoiding the overloading of the parallel veins and make it easy for varicose veins to appear again.

Our treatments

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